Title: Grassroots

A photobook with the best pictures of the Grassroots project, published in a limited edition in the beginning of 2018.

Second edition, May, 2019. 25 copies, 120 pages, soft cover. IN STOCK

30 EURO + 15 EURO for worldwide delivery

First edition, 100 copies

First publication: March, 2018

Place of publication: Moscow, Russia

Dimensions: 21*34 cm

Type of binding: hardcover, PUR glue

Number of pages: 160

Number of photographs: 116

Language: english, russian

Type of printing: digital offset, HP Indigo

Weight: 980g.

Publisher: self-published ("Wormy books")


Shortlisted for:

Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles 2017

Photobookfest Moscow Dummy Award 2017