Collaboration with photographic artist Max Sher

Power, Property, and Territory in the Post-Soviet Space

Infrastructures is a photo project that looks at hidden, lesser known or out-of-sight institutions, practices, and undercurrents that by and large determine the workings of power, property, and territory in the ex-Soviet Union. To create this collection of fifty seemingly random cases, we combined staged and documentary photography, as well as discourses and methodologies of anthropology, sociology, journalism, and political writing. We dug deep into the Russian/Soviet cultural history and political economy to create imagery that challenges those very few simplistic and exoticizing visual tropes that still dominate the narrative about this area. We take a holistic approach, trying to figure out how separate and very different phenomena relate to one another and to the whole thing. That's because we believe the post-Soviet politico-economic systems are complex hybrids of neo-liberalism, patrimonialism, and “hidden” practices that you cannot productively reflect on by focusing on just one theme.

Photography book will be published in 2019

 Psychotronic Warfare as a Social Anaesthetic, b, 2017
Psychotronic Warfare as a Social Anaesthetic, b, 2017